MYCA board
is an asbestos-free building material with a long life cycle and low maintenance for architectural style and cost efficiency. Assembled from several inorganic mineral materials and non-combustible fiber, MYCA board is formed using a special chemical crystallization, technique, and has been conforming the test of B.S. 476 Part 22: 1987 for 2 hours fire rating and B.S. 476 Part 4 for non-combustibility. Each board has a thickness from 6 to 20mm and density 1.0- 1.1. Among some of the advantages offered are :

  • Incombustibility
  • Easy to install, work & apply
  • Economical & nice-looking
  • Absolutely safe
  • Strong bending strength
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Weather-proofing

MYCA board is ideal for ample applications - partition walls, ceilings, soffits, for interior & exterior purposes, office buildings, etc. Exclusively distributed by T.HO & Co Ltd, the company also carries other Sanshih products, TAIWAN.

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